Training – 

Our team of rigging supervisors and installers from Spiderweb Safety Nets are FASET trained and certified.

FASET Training and Qualification are the ONLY recognised route for those wishing to install, inspect and maintain Safety Nets. This ensures that the installer has undergone extensive training and assessment in the proficiency of fall arrest safety equipment training and has achieved the required industry standard.

Spiderwebnets work closely with Worksafe and ensure we are up to date with the latest Health and Safety standards.

About our nets –

Spiderweb Safety Nets use the highest quality Rombull nets. Rombull Ronet is a family owned European firm, manufacturing the largest and most well respected range of safety netting worldwide.   They are product innovators, finding solutions for every safety or protection need.  Their manufacturing system and products are certified under the strictest national and international standards.

The netting materials match European Safety Net Standards and are manufactured from high tenacity braided polypropylene twine of 4.5 mm diameter.


We undergo thorough inspections of all our safety nets regularly.

Our visual inspections check for:
•  correct installation
•  mesh abrasion
•  cuts or nicks in mesh
•  heat or friction damage to mesh
•  stitching damage
•  damaged or deformed fittings
•  dirt or debris in the net
•  defects in the nets
•  UV degradation

As well as regular inspections, we also physically test our nets in accordance with industry standards for any signs of UV deterioration.